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Cutting the Spam with CAPTCHA


I have over the past few months had an uptick in the amount of SPAM coming to my site. As I run moderation on my comments this has meant that I have been able to stop much of it. But as the amount has steadily increased I have decided to introduce a “bot stopper”

This is in the form of a CAPTCHA. This is basically a verification that you are indeed a human commenting on my posts and not some sort of automated bot looking to drop a bunch of rubbish onto my site.

So apologies for making it marginally longer when you comment, but please be assured that this measure was required. You will need to type the letters as you see them in the space provided, if you submit without doing this you will be asked to browse back an complete the CAPTCHA. This is a WordPress plugin.

Take that you automated bots!!


Mike • January 9, 2009

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