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CAR Mag using good humour just me defending the cow though..

dungThe latest CAR Magazine radio spot has some great humour with a backing track of cattle farting, while the voice over artist talks of about the ecological “friendliness” of the new cars coming to market. Ending with the a line challenging Farmers Weekly or the like about the effect that cattle farming has on the environment and how were they going to clean up their act. Great use of sound track and really appeals to the target market, me!

I did feel that we should ensure that cattle are not viewed as evil polluters of the environment so I included part of the answer from the Wiki Q&A section below in terms of the impact of methane from cattle of the environment. For a full explanation you can click on the link below the extract:

The primary sources of methane come from burning of petroleum, coal mining, natural gas and oil exploration and extraction, and from oceans, wetlands, forests, and other materials. Methane gas production from rice paddies account for the second largest source. Human-related activities account for 70% of all methane emissions, which total more than 550 million tons per year. According to reports by Texas A&M University, U. S beef cattle production is responsible for 2.9 Tg per year, translating to about 0.5% of the total estimated world production of methane per year. Methane is responsible for only 18% of all global warming sources, meaning 7% of the world methane production comes from cattle (including buffalo).

Wiki Answers

Ps. CAR I went to your web site to hear “listen to our latest radion advert” and is was still for July!

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Mike • August 22, 2008

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