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Bull Slaughter….my challenge


I have been reading a number of reports around the slaughter of a cow, this Saturday, by the Zulu nation, as part of their thanking God for the first fruits of the season.

If you have not been following this, in summary the case finally ended up in the courts for a decision. The court has ruled that the slaughter may continue, as it was happy that the evidence put forward by the ARA was based on hearsay and untrue information.

So here is my challenge, one that I believe will put the whole argument to bed once and for all. Invite some outsiders to view the festivities and show them what actually happens.

To quote Inkatha Freedom Party Member of Parliament, Albert Mncwango the killing “doesn’t even take a minute”. If this is the case then this is in fact shorter than most abattoirs.

I am a little sceptical that the killing takes less than a minute, but this scepticism could be dealt with swiftly by allowing some bystanders to observe proceedings.

To Judge Nic van der Reyden, I would like to issue you with the challenge of being one of the observers. This would be the only way, in my eyes anyway, that you could be certain that you have made the correct ruling. If the slaughter does turn out to be completed in the manner described by ASA, what are the next steps?

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Mike • December 5, 2009

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