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20 minutes to die…..

“Barehanded, they held the bull by its horns and wrestled it to the ground where they killed it. It took about 20 minutes for the bull to die.”

So it did not take the “less than a minute” quoted by the spokesperson, but it was done none-the-less.

So we have now have to ask ourselves what happens next. You see we cannot have confusion about this point if you make a statement then you need to held accountable for it. In all likelihood nothing will come of it, but I think that something should come of this.

Let me say that this is, for me it goes far further than a simple “traditional” argument. I mean if we used tradition as an excuse to perpetuate things, then we may as well go back to having woman left in the kitchen. I am tired of tradition being the used as the excuse. Many religions (yes I used the R word) have replaced culturally outdated practices with symbols, I believe that this could have been done in this instance as well.


Anyway suffice it for me to say that many people can justify this type of act, I cannot. I think that it was cruel and served no other purpose than to satisfy the blood lust of some youngsters trying to become men.

I do eat meat and yes I understand that the process may not be too dissimilar in other people’s eye’s but I cannot say that I would put this tradition in the same vane as an abattoir slaughter?

My view anyway….

Mike • December 7, 2009

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