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Will Hamilton hold it together in China


This must be thought that dominates the Mclaren team as they head to, this now crucial leg of the championship, in China. I have heard a number of commentators now concerned (or critical) about Lewis saying that this is the time for him to set himself apart as a world champion. 

I must say that I agree with them, Lewis could be forgiven, in his rookie year, for the mistakes he made, but now is the time for him to really step up to the plate. He needs to show composure in the way he conducts himself on the race track. It is my view still that he will lose the championship, as I said in my previous post, but I really hope that he proves me wrong.

He certainly is a great driver, as Ron Dennis has said, but the question that needs to be answered is whether he is a world champion. 

Now I do need to add that I do not think that Massa is a World Champion, and while he is the obvious person to win should Lewis mess this all up, I do not think that he is “world champion” material. He certainly is a great driver, who I think drives with more passion that he does skill. If he wins the title let me say though that I will applaud him because he certainly would have deserved it.

I do think that if Massa wins he has the potential to grow into the role, but more importantly (for me anyway) is that if Lewis Hamilton wins, he has the potential to be a truly legendary world champion.

Let’s see what happens. 

Mike • October 15, 2008

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