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Change your fixation!

Fanatical behaviour ceases when reason takes hold, this is a fact. Our goal therefore must be to educate, so that we empower people to reason. Once the reasoning begins we will be able to end atrocities.


ANC and the Dalai Lama

It would be remiss of me not to comment of yet another huge lapse in judgement and decision making made by the “ruling party”.  If you do not know, then which rock have you been hiding under, the ANC government has refused a entry visa for the Dalai Lama into South Africa. His mission to attend the 2010…

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Is Israel correct???

I know that the headline on this is probably going to be perceived as a little strong by many of you out there, but I cannot help but comment on what appears to be yet another senseless war. My feelings, as regular readers will know, around violence as a solution to an empass are quite strong. I…

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Beautiful Sound

[youtube: 351 291]

Oil Price fueling Global economic downturn

Many discussions currently are dominated by the price of oil and how this is negatively impacting on the Global economy, but many people are scratching their heads trying to understand what has lead to the change in demand, which is driving the increase. I have, with many of my colleagues debated whether the demand has…

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