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Iraq oil reserves bigger than US deficit!

Certainly the global powerbase could shift dramatically if the countries there decided to combine their resource wealth?

Oil Price fueling Global economic downturn

Many discussions currently are dominated by the price of oil and how this is negatively impacting on the Global economy, but many people are scratching their heads trying to understand what has lead to the change in demand, which is driving the increase. I have, with many of my colleagues debated whether the demand has…

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Will the oil price finally drive some change in emissions?

I was reading an article of News 24 (some¬†extract below) and if I understand the predictions from the Russian’s then $250 dollars a barrel in on the cards. Maybe just maybe this threat could drive some change in the consumption patterns and maybe this could lead to an acceleration in the drive towards more ecologically…

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Hold onto your wallets we are in for a bumpy ride!

As mentioned before I am a bit of a couch economist, trying to make sense of the financial speak that seems to confuse us all in terms of inflationary pressures, trade deficits etc. My style is to try to cut through all of this to deliver a prediction of what we can look forward to…

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