The Running Commentary

Instant gratification……instant distress

Communication has been relegated to a thoughtless act, harsh words I know, but look at the number of relationships that are damaged by misplaced text messages……


Nokia N8 a streetview perspective (part 3)

The choice of device will be determined by your mobile usage pattern……


Nokia N8 a street view perspective (part one)

Yip it took me just 25 minutes to get the phone up and running……


PHAT it is Sexy it ain’t

I have been given the priviledge of evaluating the Nokia N900. Let me start by saying that I am no techno buff.  I have a passable understanding of mobile devices, but am addicted to them.  I am not entirely sure what I did before they arrived on the scene, but enough of that…… My evaluation…

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Nokia e90 four months…..

Still delivering really good performance and stability. Yesterday I experienced my first ever “phone freeze” when I tried to switch calls as another call came in. At the time I had email (Microsoft exchange server busy running) plus a host of other apps so this may have been the cause. I have received some comment from…

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It’s here….

Well all I can say is that it has definitely been worth the wait.  I finally got my Nokia e90 yesterday and this morning sat down to get to grips with it.  Hat’s off to Nokia for creating this wonderful piece of technology, together with the tools to quickly take all my information from my…

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