The Running Commentary

Chromed by Google

I elected to try out Chrome the new browser by Google to compete with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. I must that the Comic that they used to highlight the product was innovative, the experience of downloading and installing was painless. So far the speed is not necessarily different to IE, but we will see as we…

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“Cut and Paste” and “Find / Replace” the fine art of loosing your client!!

The situation: Late on the afternoon before you have to submit your proposal, report or document, you realise that it has not been done. Click on search (or if you have indexed your pc with Google double hit of ctrl key) bring up last proposal which “closely resembles” your client.Hit “Find/Replace” function type in find…

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Which cellphone (mobile) is for me?

I get asked a number of times a day, “Hey Mike which phone should I get?” Generally I answers these with “What do you want it for?” and then we talk and more times than not we end up not agreeing on my answer, basically because the person has a predetermined position at the start…

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