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Widen the deficit or Increase Taxes or maybe a bit of both?

One of the answers maybe be a bit of both. I would suggest that the government is going to look to increase the company tax rates and then run with a larger deficit. Why do I say this…..

What has happened to the 500 000 jobs JZ?

While the economists are saying that signs are improving the real economy is in your pocket. As long as you feel the pinch times are tough.


No “Jump to the left”

What we do know is that under prudent financial management, sometimes you have to make unpopular decisions….

The couch economist speaks again……

Well today sees the start of the MPC meeting to determine among other things the cut in the Repo rate. (It does feel nice to say with certainty that it will be meeting to discuss a cut) The commentators are split with many suggesting that the cut will be “at least” 50 basis points, but…

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Economically speaking

Many of my regular readers have asked whyI have not posted about the current financial crises that the globe is facing. I must be quite honest and say that my focus in terms of this blog has generally been on South Africa and the South African population. Not that this has not affected South Africa,…

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Interest rates up or not????

With economists currently divided about whether the next MPC (Monetary Policy Meeting) will increase interest rates, each delivering valid reasons for their argument. It appears to me that the governor must follow the policy that he set in place when he started this round of increases. This, I am afraid to say, means that he…

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Bumpier Still !!

The extract below was taken from the Business Report and gives some worrying but very really concerns for home-owners out there (with bonds). “Standard Bank’s median house price last month dropped by 11.3 percent year on year to R550 000 from R620 000 in June last year, increasing the possibility that some homeowners owe more…

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I hate to say I told you so….

As predicted in my post of 23rd May, the governor of the reserve bank once again increased the repo rate by 50 basis points. I may only be an amateur at this, but all of the analysts had predicted a full point increase. I think that the Governor only increased by 50 basis points as…

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