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Google Chrome gathering information on you

Preston Gralla wrote this article in Computerworld blogs talking about the every growing Google and the way it gathers information using the new Google Chrome browser. Lost in all the hoopla about Chrome’s release is a very disturbing fact: The new browser could be Google’s greatest privacy invader yet. In fact, Chrome can send…

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Chromed by Google

I elected to try out Chrome the new browser by Google to compete with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. I must that the Comic that they used to highlight the product was innovative, the experience of downloading and installing was painless. So far the speed is not necessarily different to IE, but we will see as we…

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Google gadgets something to watch?

I read this article this morning and thought it of interest, for all of those (like me) who enjoy all the gadgets that Google have to offer. I would suggest that the bark maybe louder than the bite in this case, but worthy of noting anyway  Hackers turned computer security specialists accuse Google of setting…

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