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Student crisis – leadership failures all round

  Wiser folk than me have spoken into the student crisis that has beset the universities in South Africa, this then is my view on a sub theme of the protests, namely lack of leadership.  I believe this situation best illustrates leadership in crisis on all sides. Lets begin with the definition of leadership and…

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Is ex Model C education the next apartheid?

Education in South Africa remains a hot topic of debate, with most people concurring that education in South Africa is under pressure. Most colloquial condemnation vests in active criticism of the government’s changing of norms and standards, in particular the reduction in the “pass” mark for Matric (Gr12). I would agree with the commentary that…

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Hands up if you know what your GP scored for anatomy…..

And finally, next time you are in to see your GP, take a close look as the wall. What you will see is a piece of paper, no individual marks, only a qualification. Makes you think doesn’t it?

Education Suffering and here’s why!!!

On my trip to JHB yesterday I had the chance to read “The Star” on the my return flight to Cape Town. I caught on article by Angelique Serrao about the Auditor Generals report into the financial affairs of the various departments within the province. At the outset I can see why we have many…

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The growth in debt…..

The percentage of adults in South Africa with a retail store card increased from 13.5% in 2004 to 16.2% in 2007 (AMPS trends)This stat may give us some indication why we are in the state that we are in terms of the global credit crunch. Some quick research indicated that there were around 10 million…

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