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Spanish F1 who wants it the most…

mp42207_03.jpgMixed bag this week with a number of drivers reaching the top of the time sheets during free practice. History shows that Ferrari have enjoyed 10 wins, Mclaren 8 and Williams 6, so we would expect that Ferrari will have a good performance.

Predictions are for a dry race, and I would guess that the all important starting slot on the grid will prove extremely critical. Mclaren is going to have their work cut out for them and Lewis is needing to pull out all of the stops, the team from Woking have the most to prove, given last seasons performance and the mediocre start they have had to this season.

Alonso on his home ground will be out to prove something and his passion might just spoil the party up front. I am sure that the weekend build up will prove really interesting.

As an ardent Mclaren fan I am hoping for a Mclaren one two, but am weary about the Ferrari team. Let’s see how the weekend pans out!

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Mike • April 25, 2008

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