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On my run this morning, I was taking in some of the recent months events, the global financial crises coupled with the issues that we are facing in South Africa (upcoming elections dodgy political decisions) and with our neighbour Zimbabwe.

I was starting to get a little depressed thinking “what are we in for in the coming months? how are we going to work through all of this? What can I do to make a difference? what about my wife and my children? etc etc. Then it hit me, like a lightning bolt – the road sign had been set at just the right height for my head – thump……….(only kidding)

What struck me was it felt as if the “reset” button on the world had been pushed. We have reached a point where capitalism is saying “I let you get too fat (hence my desire to run)”, “you have become, as the globe, too complacent and too opulent, time to re-size”

So a word to all of you out there, and this is going to feel a little like “I told you so”, but in many of my previous posts as the couch economist, I have tried to drive all of you to place where you managed your finances better. I want to urge you all to do so again. Try to get rid of as much debt as you can. When the interest rates start coming down, all indications point to Thursday this week being the start, then you need to ensure that you channel this “extra” income into clearing your debt.

As we see the world around us start to take stock and in fact pay for the past excesses we need to remember that we have been given a shot to correct this behaviour. If we learn anything from this, it is that we need to watch our lifestyles and ensure that we live within our means.

Enough preaching, I ended the run on a high note, just missed the magical sub 6 for 5 so hoping that I will reach this goal soon and that all of you out there take the opportunity that has been dealt to correct and re-shape yourselves.

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Mike • December 9, 2008

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