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Reckless Violence claims innocence

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I have in the past spoken about the fact that I think that we need to do something about the gun carrying culture that we have in this country. This morning I woke up to the news that yet another innocent person has been killed as a result of the strong violent tendencies prevalent in our society.

In short a father reacting to the fact that his 15 year old son has been mugged, joined by his son, fetched his firearm and went in pursuit of the perpetrator. The two of them happened on the criminal and a foot pursuit ensued, the father fired a single shot, which missed the mugger. The bullet however found a target, a three year old playing at his playschool. This is a real tragic situation.

The full course of the law must prevail on this father, taking the law into his own hands has effectively ruined another family. Not withstanding the fact that his family is also no in ruins.

The situation is symptomatic of the fact that we have allowed crime to go unchecked, but this in no excuse. We need, as a society, to move towards less violent responses and work within the structures that we have. As I understand the report, the police were on their way to the scene, responding to the original mugging call out.

As before let’s be safe out there and if you own a gun ensure that it is not hauled out unless you really need it.

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Mike • October 29, 2008

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