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PHAT and Sexy in one device…….The Nokia #N9

Nokia may just have hit the nail on the head with the #N9 and this could be the phone that brings Nokia back as far as their mobile offering goes.

I had the privilege of attending the launch of the Nokia #N9 in Cape Town a few days back, as “the man in the street user” I love attending these functions as I get some insight into what we can expect from the new devices. The event was brilliant complete with dancers and live tweet board and I am happy to report that N9 managed to outshine all of the distractions!

Marko Ahtisaari, Senior VP for Design at Nokia, took us through the rationale behind the device and more particular the design aspects.  Focusing on the “swipe action” that pretty much most touch screen users are familiar with, Nokia have concentrated on making this action as intuitive as possible.  I have to admit that I think that they have done a really great job here.  I have not had the evaluation device yet, but just a few minutes with Patrick Henchie, of Nokia SA’s device and it felt really fluid.

In Marko’s words Nokia have focused on the “200 things a day that people do with their phone as opposed to focusing on a few great apps that you use once in a while” This I think will be a strategy that potentially will get this device to stick out from the crowd.

Marko continued “When designing the Nokia N9, our goal was simple: to blend hardware and software together in order to produce a new and better way to use a phone. The result is an experience that sets the bar for how natural technology can feel,”

The Nokia also comes with Near Field Communication or NFC.  For a gadget geek like me this is an awesome addition.  NFC allows a device to connect to wirelessly to other devices for example home speakers with the same ability, means you could port from your car to handset and back into your home, literally without missing a beat.  Of course when payment options become available this technology will be really awesome, just pay by having your device in close proximity to the checkout.

So let’s talk the rating so far…..

PHAT – Absolutely, the launch and data sheet have got me more than interested

SEXY – Most definitely! This device certainly makes a statement.

So here’s hoping that once I receive the evaluation device (nudge nudge wink wink Lebo) that I am not disappointed!


Mike • September 26, 2011

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