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I have for a long time pondered what makes for the challenges in my day when it comes to my work life. In particular why it is that I am almost daily drawn into problem solving which should fall into the realm of those that report to me.

Almost daily I receive calls or have people interrupt me for decisions that I feel they should be able to make themselves. When I am not in the office they seem to be able to cope or at least the results would indicate that. Yet the moment I step into my office it appears that their brains seem to go on holiday.

Some of them may well be reading this post right now, and if you are feeling a little upset don’t. You should read on….  

 I have reached the conclusion that the blame in fact lies with me.

 What has made me successful over the years is the fact that I dissect everything about my job. I learn what it is expected of me and then I try to achieve the very best that I can.  I most often succeed. I then try to grow my business, I train new members that each to fulfil the task that they are required to do.

Where I fail is that I then do not empower them to fulfil the task. Most often they arrive with a question and then I provide the answer, or I do the task on their behalf. So I have resolved that for the next season of my life I am going to provide only rope. I hope that the rope I provide will be able to be utilised to grow, if not it will bring on a hanging.

My hope is that I will be able to empower those around me correctly and thereby secure all of our futures. Let’s see how it goes. 


Mike • July 20, 2009

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