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Mugabe becoming emissary of death….

Zim cartoon

This cartoon appeared in the star of Friday morning.  I am not sure if you can make out all of the detail, but certainly you get the gist.

I have said this before and I will say it once more, we need to see a resolution in Zimbabwe that excludes Robert Mugabe, his actions, in the last fortnight or so, clearly show that he no longer has the interests of Zimbabweans at heart and simply is clinging to power in an attempt to gather as much to himself as possible.

He is a disgrace to Africa and the world is continuing to watch in absolute horror as the collective African leadership allow this circus to continue. We as and African continent are being judged here, whether we like it or not. Once again we are seen to be supporting a dictator and not sorting the mess out. Thabo Mbeki has really lost the plot, the time for a negotiated settlement is long gone, we need swift intervention in order to stave off a further humanitarian disaster.

Shame on you Robert Mugabe for taking a great nation and destroying it, you will not be remembered for leading the country out of oppression, your legacy, “sir”, is going down as the one who turned the nation from prosperity into yet another tragic African tale.

To the leaders of Africa, now is the time (in fact it has already passed) for action. You need to stop this despot and ensure that he cannot do further damage. 

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Mike • December 8, 2008

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