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More on my Nokia e90..

nokiae90communicator_top.gifI have been spending the last few days really getting to know my new acquisition. The features are all pretty amazing, the speed is probably the thing that amazes me most though. In a 3G environment the operations in terms of sending text messages, getting your email are simply out of this world.  The GPS system both on Nokia maps and under Garmin are great with brilliant accuracy.

I will more than likely purchase the Nokia maps navigation option though as the detail on the maps seem more user friendly and the default for routing seems to be the fastest route, not always the preferred option by the Garmin.

The gimmicky weather forecaster is great for a laugh, particularly with the brilliantly husky British woman doing the talking, of note is that this application starts based on your settings so on the face of it does not run all the time.

Camera is really useful and the picture quality is good at 3 mega pixels, sound is very good and the 3d option again a bit of a gimmick but fun none the less.

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Mike • April 27, 2008

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