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Minding the Gap

bulb 1I happened upon a site called Gap Minder. This site blew me away in terms of visual representations of the world that we are living.  It offers fantastic visualisations in graphical format.  The graphs aggregate population demographics on a global basis and allows the users to follow their own countries progression (or regression) over a host of variables (educational progress, access to the Internet, mobile devices and a host of others).

I urge people to look at this site, play with the graphs available and see how the world is progressing. 

 I was struck by the fact that Africa is the continent that is most under threat from lack of progress and I am more motivated than ever to urge Africans to come together to ensure that we progress at the same pace as the rest of the world.  We need to develop a passion for unification of this continent and drive to ensure that we are no longer viewed as the poor continent requiring hand outs.  We need to drop our victim persona in favour of drive to success mentality.  We are a continent rich in ideas and people and the world needs to see this. 


Mike • April 1, 2008

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