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Nope this is not going to be a post about Staind! In amongst the busyness of life I have missed a number of milestones and opportunities to blog.  In fact I almost forgot I had one!

So, since my last post, I have celebrated 2 years of being in business with Adrian Larkin and the team at Brandesign Group.  It is hard to believe quite how fast time has gone by.  I must saying that running one’s own business produces immense amounts of challenges, but the joy of knowing that all of the effort is ultimately going towards your dream and your ultimate success is worth the blood sweat and tears!

In the movie FAME, there is the line by Debbie Allen that says”

“You want fame? … Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying. With sweat.

Well I am not sure that it is Fame that I am looking for, but certainly this line resonates with me and the team as we build this business.  The challenges coupled with successes and the odd failure are all important building blocks along the way.

What I am saying, hell I am not sure, except that this is certainly turning into an amazing, yet challenging journey.  This journey is daily making me more aware of the blessings I have, the opportunities that are available to be taken and the path that is still left to travel.


May the journey continue!

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Mike • September 4, 2014

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