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I’ll have whatever the crew are snorting…

SAA Notice

Remember that joke that did the rounds after some pilots were found to have been drinking on the flight. The pilot comes out of the cockpit and looks decidedly drunk. Passenger turns to the stewardess and says I’ll have whatever the pilots drinking thanks. Well now we will have some other recreational pick me ups on the menu! (Remember the picture I had above about SAA acknowledging how stressful flying can be – is this a new way to calm everyone down or maybe the real reason flying is so stressful!)

So this is a real problem for SAA and I must say that their public and global image must be taking a serious hiding. Temporary CEO in place after alleged mismanagement by the current CEO. Flight crew supplementing their incomes as mules for drunk lords Рbrilliant!

So one observation that comes to mind. Most if not all drug mules start the illustrious carriers as users / abusers of their drug of choice. Typically they are forced / lured into doing these trips as payback for a debt or as an opportunity to get some large amounts of cash to fund their own habit. I thought that all flight crew underwent some sort of mandatory drug screening every few months or so?  Is this no longer the case? I fear that this event may go a little deeper than what we are currently seeing and perhaps there are many more people involved.

One has to say that the timing of this crew was absolutely brilliant, I mean “hey guys some of our colleagues have just been nabbed with some dope – they definitely won’t suspect us!!”

Well let’s hope that the PR wheels at SAA kick in big time and move to stem the damage that is being caused. Heaven knows we do not need this mill stone around our necks……

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Mike • February 17, 2009

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