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Hamilton throws it away!

mp42207_03.jpgI understand that drivers make basic errors from time to time, but the one on Sunday (rear ending Kimi) at the end of the pit lane was really basic. Throughout you racing career you are taught to watch the flags, check the lights etc. The rason for this basic fact is that if you ignore them you could face severe sanction. We know that in the past drivers have been disqualified for ignoring the pit lane lights.

What really got my goat is that Martin Brundle then tries to apportion some blame to the team. “They should have been on the radio warning him” This is crazy!! Hamilton is a highly paid sports professional, who should take complete responsibility for the incident. Clearly the steward also agree imposing a 10 place penalty for causing an avoidable accident.

I really hope that the team can pull this season out of the bag!

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Mike • June 9, 2008

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