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Four Years today!


Today marks four years since I exited the “corporate gig” and became a business owner.  I am blessed to be able to pen this note and to think about the journey that I have been travelling.  I found a business partner in the form of Adrian Larkin, who has allowed me to grow in areas I thought not possible.  Together we have built and continue to build a business that offers huge value to our clients. Co-incidentally, Brandesign today turns 9 years old, so a shout out to Adrian for starting the initial vision.

As I reflect on this journey, it has been one that has taught me many things. Some of these I have highlighted below:

Firstly the journey of your own business is taxing: you worry about every detail and sometimes have to make decisions out of sheer cash-flow necessity and not out of desire.  This has been one of my hardest lessons to learn.

Secondly, the support of your family: in my case my amazing wife and two phenomenal children, a journey like this would not be possible.  They have supported me on the days that I have woken up wondering “Was this really worth it”

Thirdly, extended support from your family and friends:  In this time I have been the recipient of much generosity in a variety of forms.  These are your first clients they bring you the smaller business to get you on your feet.  They introduce you to extended circles.  They are invaluable to you.

Fourthly, your clients:  These are key to any business, but particularly to the smaller companies, like ourselves.  We have amazing clients who have entrusted their business to us, we work hard for them, but without their support we would not be able to progress down our path.

So, in reflection, this has been a hectic ride, with many ups and many downs.  I have had many restless nights and many many wonders about my choices, but the positives that I have seen, so far outweigh the negatives.

Here’s to another four years and then on to even more.  To those of you who have or are partnering with me, Adrian and Brandesign in this journey a heartfelt “Thank you”

Mike • July 1, 2016

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