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Fifth Gear gives TopGear a punt oops!!


Many readers will know that I love motoring and particularly enjoy BBC’s show “TopGear” featuring Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, May and the Stig. I have on occasion watched the show Fifth Gear  on Discovery Channel) but think that compared to TopGear it lacks quite a lot in terms of entertainment value.

I was watching “Dirty jobs” the other evening on Discovery and was amazed to see an advert for TopGear, or atleast I thought it was. The advert featured Clarky and Hamster in wheelchairs racing around. I instantly said to my wife, check this out BBC on Discovery, then listening to the voice over, their was some lame reference to watching a show that was not filled with irrelevant stunts or antics (Something along these lines) and focus on a show that is about cars (again lots of paraphrasing happening here)

I was left feeling like this was a cheap shot gone really bad, in that what gets me to watch TopGear and not Fifth gear is the entertainment value coupled with the brutally honest reviews about the cars that appear on the show.

I think that whoever signed off on this advert has made a huge mistake, if anything it encouraged me that my decision to watch TopGear is correct.I know that the Fifth gear guys are going to say that I am not a true petrol head or something along those lines, but face it you guys (Fifth gear) are generally behind the times anyway.The show that I caught “featured” the Bucatti Veiron (only a year after TopGear) 

Even the name of you show is behind the times…. 

So the dung ball goes to Fifth Gear for giving TopGear a punt!

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Mike • September 23, 2008

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