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DA deserves potential sanction…..

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MP David Maynier of the DA is facing the possibility of being removed from the portfolio committee for defence. The reason is the allegation that he revealed “classified” information in a press conference and not in Parliament.

Most of my regular readers will know that I am a DA supporter. I have been for a number of years, well basically since 1999. The reason for my support for them, is my belief that for a democracy to be truly effective, you need an effective opposition. Unfortunately this is dictated by party size and not necessarily by results.

Now I am not saying the DA is ineffective, in fact I consider them to be very effective. They have been the only party that has been able to provide some sort of political resistance to the ANC.

I do believe though, that there are times when they move from “asking the tough questions” and into the realm of sensationalism. I particularly dislike it when this happens. Mostly because I think it diminishes the effectiveness of the person doing the talking.  They move from asking a tough question into a holier than thou attitude.

Taking cheap political shots at the party dominating Parliament, not only cheapens you, but reduces the effectiveness of any questioning that follows. I do believe that the South African public have a right to know what happens behind the doors of Parliament, but I feel that due process should always be followed.

If the DA follows this style then they will set the example for how a democracy should run and not be drawn into gutter politics.

I need to say that if David Maynier did in fact disclose information that was obtained “illegally” and he did so outside of the confines of Parliament, then I am afraid he has overstepped the bounds. I do not know what the sanctions are but I do think that whatever comes his way he is going to have to live with.

What we need is the tough questions being asked and then reported back to the public and not the other way around…..

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Mike • September 3, 2009

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