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call centreIn keeping with my desire to find good customer service and complementing it when it happens…..This morning I returned from my business trip in Johannesburg.  My flight was at 6:00am so this meant a 4:00am start as far as getting to the airport. Needless to say a little bleary eyed and not too in the mood for hassles I arrived at OR Thambo expecting much of the same experience I had blogged about just two days ago.  Well was I in for a surprise, each and every person that I came into contact with greeted me warmly, enquired about how I was feeling and seemed to genuinely take an interest.  Much bantering about the early start, comparing notes about how dark it was when we left for work etc. Well done to the team from South African Airways at OR Thambo who made a great effort to deliver top notch customer service, coupled with an effort of making me feel welcome.  

customer service

Mike • April 9, 2008

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