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As we approach the local elections being held this Wednesday 18 May, I am filled once again with an immense sense of pride.  I, some may say rather naively, believe that my vote truly does make a difference. I exercise my right to vote with a huge sense of pride and I love the fact that we get the privilege of doing this in a fair and free environment. My wife can attest to the fact that I love voting, I want to be one of the first people at my polling station.  We do this as a family, and while my kids are not able to vote just yet, they are being primed to understand how important it is to vote.

Many of my regular readers will know the passion I have for this country and while I, along with many other South Africans, feel a deep sense of frustration over key deliverables (Houses and the like) that still are not available to all.  The fact that we get to publicly make these statements, without fear or prejudice speaks volumes about the progress we have made.

I am on record as saying I do not think that we can claim our democracy as being fledgling anymore and still hold this view.  It is this point that provides the most promise for me.  I hope that as we continue on our growth path to a stronger democracy, that all of us will think more clearly about whom we intend to vote for.

I would urge voters to drop the style of “voting the way we have done in the past” and exchange this view for the one that says “I want to make a vote that will see progress and delivery”. I truly believe that as people begin to do this, we will see better delivery to the vast majority. Therefore I would urge you to consider your vote this Wednesday, make it a vote that truly counts. Be informed about who you are going to vote for and remember there is no more powerful tool to ensure delivery than having an effective opposition.

Viva South Africa Viva!

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Mike • May 16, 2011

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