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Carte Blance making a difference

cb20_thumb.jpgI had meant to post about this initiative after the show that aired on Sunday 3 August, but got completely absorbed in other things during the week. I managed to catch Carte Blanche this past Sunday and they aired the first in their series about the organisations that they are going to support.In short the initiative is in celebration of 20 years of programming. They, instead of celebrating their success during this time have elected to rather give something back and actually drive a change. They have set a goal to raise something in the order of R 20 million which they will give in the form of equipment to the people / organisations they have selected to support.

My wife and I discussed this and decided that we should support this initiative, as regular Carte Blanche viewers (who have enjoyed their show). While we are not able to give a huge amount of money, we feel that this is a great initiative and if all of the viewers donate whatever they can, the show will be able to reach its goal.

I managed to use their on-line platform ( and make our donation rather easily, so I would urge you to do the same.

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Mike • August 12, 2008

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