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Buy-ology: Truth and Lies about why we buy


This book has pricked some interest so I will be trying to get my hands on a copy in the near future. The basis of the book is research that has used MRI Scans some 2000 volunteers and brands to see reactions and connections to this stimulus by the brain.  Some points that have been handed out in the brief:

1) Cigarette warning labels do not only not deter smokers but actually encourage them to light up.  Basically nucleus accumbens “craving spot” in the brain, is stimulated by the sight of the warning

2) Subliminal advertising is alive and well with many stores playing backing tracks to encourage purchases or discourage shoplifting.

3) Product Placement in a movie or series is a waste of money unless the product is integral to the plot!!

Intriguing to me is that there is almost no difference between how the brain reacts to religious symbols and big brands. So in short I am keen to get my hands on this book so that we can gain even further insight into why we buy!!

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Mike • January 13, 2009

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