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ANC wields the axe


The ANC will demonstrate once again it’s intolerance to opposition, under the Zuma faction influence. As we see Lekota and Mluleki George effectively losing their memberships of the party for speaking out against it. Now many will say that Lekota and George must leave because they are speaking out against the party, but I believe that the ANC could have moved, behind the scenes, to close down this group.

Never-the-less this is really good for the opposition of the country, I am with Helen Zille on this when she says that the DA welcomes any new party that will help create credible opposition to the current dominant rule of the ANC.

I am convinced that we are going to see even more members of the ANC losing their memberships and, in my opinion, this is going to create an even bigger divide and force the formation of a new party. It may pale when compared to the ANC in terms of numbers, but crucially, it could prove a big hassle for the ruling party.

My prediction ANC loses two-thirds majority in April and for the first time in the history (including the bad old days) we will have a credible opposition force in the country.  This NEC of the ANC will only have themselves to blame!

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Mike • October 14, 2008

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