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About doing the month end shopping!!!

lionSomething about being a dad! – I realised that I have not posted something about for sometime. So I thought I would let you all have a little window into my world.

On Saturday I had the privilege of doing some month end shopping. I dutiful took the list and sped off to the first destination (children x 2 in tow). Got there in amble time, secured parking, secured the goods, paid and left (22 minutes). So far so good, then off to destination two (drop of only) 24 minutes turnaround including parking unbuckling the kids from their car chairs!

This is a doddle I thought, landed at third destination (where the majority of shopping was to take place). Secured parking, secured trolley and off we go. 45 minutes later only three items (out of a long list) left to source. Further half an hour passes, “sorry sir we have not stock of that or that or in fact that”, no problem head to the check out queue.

Pandemonium, long queues, but choose one and wait. One shopping cart from the pay point and in unison the kids say “I need to go to the toilet dad”, “Can you hold it I ask?” “Maybe” the response. This I know from experience is not good enough, so park trolley and dash to loo, ask nice old lady if she can keep my place. Get to loo, they do their thing and back to the shop, old lady gone!! Place gone!!!!! – all of a sudden nobody can remember me!! (despite all the smiling at each other while waiting to pay!)

Finally one hour after joining the queue we pay and get out of there. Three hours of hell has passed no more will I be doing the shopping at the end of a month! Big cheer to my wife who manages this part of our home!!

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Mike • September 2, 2008

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