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A Little introspection….

question markI think that from time to time it is important to stop and review exactly what it is that you are doing and where you hope to end up. Ambition is (in my view) a very good thing as long as it is tempered with humility. Now, I am not saying that I excel in the field of humility when I make this statement!

I have though reached an interesting time in my life that is forcing me to consider various points of view, exactly what path I am on and how best to position myself for the future. I find myself looking at the post I made around time management and realising that I am failing dismally as far identifying the big rocks in my life. I know what they are but I am not focusing sufficient attention on them. This is leaving me feeling a little perplexed.

As I write this I am contemplating further studies, the impact that this will have on my career at a business that I love, most importantly the effect this could have on my most cherished resource (my family). The benefits that the study could have on my life and what new perspectives are yet to come.

So while this post is not about things I typically dedicate my blog to, it is about me getting my thoughts to paper and then making a decision. To this end I will be asking Adii to ad a new dimension to my blog called “Mike’s Life Lessons” which I will dedicate to a more personal window on what I am facing.

Stay tuned it could get exciting!


Mike • July 14, 2008

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