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Congrats to David Coulthard who became a father and also will be moving into the commentary box from next season. This is going to add some great insight into the world of GP, given that he would effectively only have been out of the car from the end of the 2008 season.

Looking to the future of F1, Murray Walker (for years the voice of Formula One) said he believed that F1 was selling it’s soul, after the recent announcement that France in now off the calendar for next year. I must say that in some aspects I agree with him, in that it would be a shame to lose some of the more historic events. Clearly though Bernie and the boys are feeling the pinch and sending the greatest sporting show to the continents with the most populace, may help bolster the coffers.

Speaking on Bernie, his pending divorce is likely to cost him a few bob so many he is needing to supplement his income now.

Standard engines Ilmor appear to be the front runs in terms of the manufactures to produce the standard F1 engine, concerning for me 14000 rev limit with a 6 race durability. Soon we will be running Merc AMG conversions around the track which beat an F1 car. Can you see it a reversal of those great track demo’s where a standard saloon starts and gets a two minute head start and the F1 blazes past on the line. 2010 and beyond the F1 car gets a minute head start and the saloon blazes past on the line. Come on chaps I know we need to look at costs, but this is getting a bit ridiculous!

LG returns as a sponsor great news!!

Santander will move their sponsorship to Ferrari from 2010, maybe we will see Fernando moving there from that time too, it is no secret that the Santander like Fernando and maybe they will buy Felipe or Kimi out of their respective seats?

You may have heard about Bernie’s proposal to have Olympic style medals for each race, apparently as he believe this will make the competition more intense on a race by race basis. Hello!! what have you been watching but the last two season have been extremely exciting I cannot see that medals will make it any more exciting!  

That’s it for now let’s keep the Mclaren flame burning!!!

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Mike • November 27, 2008

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