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bulbLinkbaiting the process of getting people to click through to your site or message, has been defended by many people (primarily with the marketing sphere – pretty obvious) and attacked by many (primarily single minded bloggers trying to remain “untainted” by commercial lures).The real truth of the matter is that linkbaiting is a requirement now and needs to be as creatively worked on as the primary campaign would be.

Below a listing of ways I believe you should approach the topic:

1) The link must be relevant to your audience.
2) The article should be truthful and well constructed so that the readers feel justified in clicking on the link in the first place
3) You do not have to steer clear of controversy or humour, but don’t hint at something that you are not
4) If you only reason for doing the post is to get traffic, then stop people will see straight through this and then flee from you in their droves.

If you can get this vital bit of the puzzle correct then you will be able to hold you head up high derive much value from this process.

In closing I have included a link (he he he)to a site that has covered this topic really well.

Linkbaiting effectively

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Mike • August 25, 2008

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