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VW ad The Bark Side: 2012

For all the Star Wars fans

Advertising is not the root of alcohol abuse……….

One can only assume that he holds the view that it is the advertising that causes folk to abuse the alcohol.


Social Media in real life

All runners are advised of the Silent Protest scheduled at the Soweto Marathon on 1 November……

Cartridge World….Green and Cash wise

I learned that it takes some 450 years for a laser cartridge to bio-degrade!


Support required……

If you drop me I know where you live and I will find you and …… well you know the rest

Video Converter

I am not one to often boast about good software but I cannot say how impressed I am with this video converter from  OJOsoft. This little bit of software for R 156.00 enables me to convert files regardless of the original format into a number of different applications. I have had a great amount of fun with it already,…

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Undecided about which party to vote for???

I heard about this site a day or so ago. Vote 2009  While this can in no way be your only avenue for deciding on who you should vote for it does help to provide some insight. Effectively the site has been built around 14 “key” questions that the developer sees as major issues in…

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AA and Merc show excellent customer Service

As you all know I believe that customer service is what separates good businesses from great businesses. I was told a story that I believe deserves some highlighting… As I understand it an old Merc (13 years old) encountered some trouble as far as the central locking went. The owner was not concerned and has lived with this issue for…

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We are all a hero to someone….

So a thought crossed my mind today…..I am a hero, maybe not to most of the people that I encounter in my day, but to my children I am. I had a great day off work (although marginally interrupted??!?) and managed to get to the beach with my wife and children. There I was “flipping” a…

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Buy-ology: Truth and Lies about why we buy

This book has pricked some interest so I will be trying to get my hands on a copy in the near future. The basis of the book is research that has used MRI Scans some 2000 volunteers and brands to see reactions and connections to this stimulus by the brain.  Some points that have been…

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