The Running Commentary

Julius Malema takes the words out of Jacob Zuma’s mouth….

His utterances are vile and despicable, he looks for popularity and controversy over the needs of the people……

Cast your vote……..

some may say rather naively, believe that my vote truly does make a difference…….

You’re the voice

I had a bit of an Eighties vibe going this morning and spent the time travelling into the office listening to some Eighties music……..

Accountability, Opposition and Conviction the key for SA

This is not a democratic enough country yet and it will need vastly more accountable office bearers for this to happen….

Shabir Shaik 1…..Prosecuting Authority 0

Convenient diagnosis of “terminal illness” and the like, but who do we really need to blame for this latest fiasco…..

The juvenile mud slinging has got to stop……

We need to see an end to the juvenile mud slinging that pervades the landscape and keep the real issues at the forefront……

We need a competitive labour system to be successful

Come now Mr Zuma, it is time for you to make policy that is employment friendly. Create a competitive work force, one that flourishes with the pride that comes with having a job.


Why SAA will not become a great airline… they even care?

as long as you treat your customers like this, you will never rise to be a great airline. You will forever remain a state subsidised drain on the economy…….

Why Lead SA?

I do not think that there is anything ordinary about this country…….


Taxi Lawlessness can be solved…….

In the same way any joint and several liability would apply……….

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