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Social Media is not a one way street

the point of Social Media and that is in fact SOCIAL…..

Parents note your responsibility!

I am tired of hearing parents blaming the social media platforms for their children’s issues, take control back. This may mean that you become a bit unpopular in the short term.

Social Media in Action title sponsor response

While Nedbank respects the right of runners to have their collective voices heard the views expressed in the Runners’ Guide Newsletter are not the views of the bank.


Social Media in real life

All runners are advised of the Silent Protest scheduled at the Soweto Marathon on 1 November……

Social brands continuing

Continuing from my last observations and questions around brands in the social media space. I have been in the Facebook space for sometime now. The brands in this space operate in the same way as placing ads in newspapers. I think that they believe they need to be there. Do they really need to be…

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Brands for the future

As we continue on the path of social media are we, as the current brands, ready for the future? I am not sure that we can answer this question definitively yet. What I would put forward is that there are some key questions that need to be answered: 1) What is your social media presence…

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