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Awdee and RenAlt the South African phenomenon

Here’s a great idea…….Continuing on the “what’s in a name post” I thought I would share a really funny (although not flattering real life example) real life example as well as one of my pet South Africa hates. I called my vehicles local manufacturer to find out about some roof racks and got a very…

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Renault and good customer service do they go together?

This post is about my experience yesterday morning with Renault South Africa. On my way home from a function (it was raining at the time) my windscreen wipers stopped functioning. As I was almost home I decided to continue driving until I reached my house. I did not want to stop along the road at night (stupid…

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Low fuel or passion

As mentioned in my post yesterday, I felt that on his home turf Alonso might spoil the party.  Well after final qualification we have in second, separating the two Ferrari’s. Last year driving for Mclaren, Alonso, took the outside line into corner one and things got very tense. Will we see a repeat of this?…

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