The Running Commentary

Cast your vote……..

some may say rather naively, believe that my vote truly does make a difference…….

You’re the voice

I had a bit of an Eighties vibe going this morning and spent the time travelling into the office listening to some Eighties music……..

The juvenile mud slinging has got to stop……

We need to see an end to the juvenile mud slinging that pervades the landscape and keep the real issues at the forefront……


Jacob and Julius who will win this battle?

Stand up Mr President have the courage to take this man out!


Law Enforcement must take back the roads from the taxi drivers!

Simply put I feel that there is a collective lack of will to bring basic law and order to our streets

Widen the deficit or Increase Taxes or maybe a bit of both?

One of the answers maybe be a bit of both. I would suggest that the government is going to look to increase the company tax rates and then run with a larger deficit. Why do I say this…..

Our Man Julius one more time

Malema then allegedly made several calls at the scene to senior ANC and government officials, instructing them to “discipline” the policemen.

What has happened to the 500 000 jobs JZ?

While the economists are saying that signs are improving the real economy is in your pocket. As long as you feel the pinch times are tough.

SAPS bosses enjoy the finer things

It seems that the SAPS leadership has moved away from the left – far away!

Malema on Caster and the Government

Julius Malema “then jokingly called the government a sub-committee of the ANCYL

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