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Cross Media campaigning the way of the future!!

Cross media marketing opportunities and indeed campaigns are becoming the norm as far as discussions around the boardroom table are concerned. Usually the driver is trying to extend the “above the line marketing message” that has been carefully crafted by the marketing department. If the Direct Marketing executives are at the table they are simply…

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The value of data and a simplified approach to getting it right….

Many companies have or will face the issue of data at sometime in their life cycle. Typically data is reserved for the transactional elements (Statements and Accounts) and is usually fiercely protected by the IT departments. Marketing is happy to let this status quo run as they feel that they are delivering campaigns that enhance…

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XMPie enabling cross media marketing opportunities

As regular readers will know I am passionate about campaigns and love it when marketers get it right! I also love it when you come across products that enable creative marketing execution.I have over the past two days and been in a workshop receiving training on a product that our business has just recently purchased….

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What’s in a name….

I have had cause over the past few days to hear the different pronunciations of client’s company names within the business that I work for. I must say that most of these left me laughing for example APEXHi became Apechee.I then got to thinking, imagine if the client heard our staff getting it wrong! Hence…

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Viral marketing building brand awareness….

Increasingly marketeers are understanding the need to build campaigns which have farther and farther reach. The drive to get the brands recognised is very important at the moment, but building affinity with your brand has to be your main driver. I love the different ways that people try to get their message spread and particularly…

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The value of targeted campaigns

37000 the number since March 2007 of consumers that have added their names to the “do no contact me” listing via the Direct Marketing Association. The post follows from my post in April and an article I read on iMedia Connection about irritating promotions.  My view is that the consumer base out there actual does…

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