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No…..I am not a copywriter

I know that some will debate this with me, but I am almost certain that everyone has experienced well written PR copy that does nothing but crush the brand’s reputation…….


Relevant content is a must……..

you need to invest heavily in segmentation and content….


Direct Marketers failing to deliver results

and treat it as a by-product of their above the line creative efforts


Social Media must be about transparent interaction….

ensuring that your response is perceived as being genuinely from your company will deliver a far higher return than you could imagine


Social Media is not a one way street

the point of Social Media and that is in fact SOCIAL…..


We are not all the same, that’s why direct marketing exists!

Above-the-line marketing typically focuses on uniformity of message. Its single aim is to make an impact. It requires explosions, cars jumping through hoops and talking dogs to grab attention


Consumer Protection Act for us marketing types!

My world was almost shattered when I first heard about the Consumer Protect Act and the potential impact it was going to have on our ability to communicate with customers (both new and potential)……


Direct Marketing, an essential tool in your communication strategy

If the commitment is to embrace the dialogue opportunity, you will be assured of reaping the rewards of a successful campaign

Nokia losing hold on smartphone market?

I would put myself firmly in the ramp up stage of the consumer curves so Nokia you need to take heed of your research, I think that you may be losing market share faster than you have alluded to in your reporting.


Linkbaiting the process of getting people to click through to your site or message, has been defended by many people (primarily with the marketing sphere – pretty obvious) and attacked by many (primarily single minded bloggers trying to remain “untainted” by commercial lures).The real truth of the matter is that linkbaiting is a requirement now…

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