The Running Commentary

Struggling, Business and Focus

I am learning more lessons each day about juggling a very different set of circumstances, to the one’s I was used to just 15 months ago. I feel like I have learnt more about business in this short time, than the 19 years, combined, I spent in corporate life.


365 days done!

I am confident the next year will be busier and I hope filled with as much stuff, actually maybe a little less on the compliance side!


I wonder how many times I doubt myself in a day? How many times I stop believing that I have made the right decision. Then something happens to remind me that it is all worth it….

What’s in a job……….

In a few days’ time I will have completed two months as a partner in Brandesign. It is hard to believe how quickly the time has passed. What’s more amazing to me is how at home I feel and how much I have already grown…..



A wise sage counselled me once “How you close the doors in life is, often more important than how you open them”

Organisation change and trust a critical union……

We have all heard the saying along the lines of, “It is insanity to do the same thing time and again and expect a different result”

Tough times and strong friendships should go hand in hand……

Faith is never tested like it is until you face issues that you cannot resolve yourself……..

Of Cats, Bikes and Postmen………

This morning started out as most mornings for us, me on the iPad…..


Sometimes I look at my dog and I wish I were her……

I wish that sometimes I could approach that flowerpot and kill it because it seems like a good idea at the time……


I had a dream or two……

Some of these dreams have become blunted by the “realities of life” I have parked them as things that I hope to get around to someday…….

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