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He’s back !! (Julius Malema that is…)

ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has blamed the courts for the ruling party’s defeat in several wards in by-elections in the Western Cape, Beeld newspaper reported on Friday. “The judge voted on behalf of the people against the ANC,” Malema told a crowd of about 7 000 people in Cofimvaba in the Eastern Cape….

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ANCYL – more killing talk

I wonder what Julius Malema is going to come and say after Isaac Mahlangu (secretary of the ANCYL in Mpumalanga)¬†on Wednesday had the following to say about an ongoing murder investigation, in which he believes it is politically motivated, based on the judge scrapping it (the case) from the role because of lack of evidence….

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Julius Malema the visionary!

Guilty of hooking you with the title…. I don’t flame that often, but have flamed about this guy a bit, so I will continue. Only because I want people to understand that politics in South Africa has no place for someone with a mouth as loose and uncontrolled as Julius Malema’s. Below a selection of…

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Zuma is not a philanthropist!!!

This is a flame post, a vent from me so accept it from whence it comes. This leadership crises in the current political landscape within South Africa is causing major embarrassment and hardship to the people of this country. Mbeki is proving to be a lame duck in all of this, focusing on his mediation…

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