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Circles = greener traffic flow

I came across on article run in the recent TIME Magazine, which extols the value of the little traffic circle. In the article were a number of pluses to the traffic circle, of particular interest to me where the environmental impacts. No idling time therefore less travelling time and less congestion. This combination gives rise…

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Australia goes Green

I love this article about Australia (Reuters) and I think that this is a worthy of mention under the Corporately Green section. While some might say that it does not go far enough, my view is that at least it is a government taking some proactive steps to help reduce the effect on the environment New…

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Should we let the red white and blue lead the green drive

I, as mentioned before, am a subscriber to TIME magazine.  The copy from last week contained and article that basically expounded how the USA (the war machine that it is) can effectively lead the world in terms of climate change. The author(s) speak about various initiatives that are being done by the state of California…

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