The Running Commentary

Marketing is not for the faint hearted or undecided!

If they want a fall-back position let them become a street worker (no offense intended) and not enter into this field….


Noticed that increase is Spam have you…….

A bomb is designed to take people out or destroy something. It will never build something up, so why employ the tactic?


We are not all the same, that’s why direct marketing exists!

Above-the-line marketing typically focuses on uniformity of message. Its single aim is to make an impact. It requires explosions, cars jumping through hoops and talking dogs to grab attention


Consumer Protection Act for us marketing types!

My world was almost shattered when I first heard about the Consumer Protect Act and the potential impact it was going to have on our ability to communicate with customers (both new and potential)……


Direct Marketing, an essential tool in your communication strategy

If the commitment is to embrace the dialogue opportunity, you will be assured of reaping the rewards of a successful campaign


Adding my name to your document is simply not good enough!

In truth, consumers still view the communication as something that the company owns and therefore sees the communication as intrusive.

The art of communication – Dialogue

I had to end the call I was laughing so much……

Directly Speaking

I am today sitting in a Direct Marketing Conference, hosted by the DMSA (Direct Marketing Association of South Africa). Looking around the room I am struck by just a immature this market really is in South Africa.  The full conference seems only to have gathered something in the order of 100 delegates.I am intrigued by…

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Attention Economics using data to help break through the clutter

Attention economics, a term that I picked up while attending the Nomadic Marketing course, has probably not been as important as it is in the current global financial crises. We are literally being bombarded on every front with the latest breaking news, headlines, inside scoops etc. Add to this the advertising that is directed at…

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Personalised content barrier or enabler to getting your message through??

I am sitting looking at my day linked via the Bluetooth modem on my phone to my laptop, looking at my divisional results (logged on through our VPN connection) and thinking WOW! Just a few short years ago this would not have been possible. NO wires whatsoever! What’s more my news feed pipes only that…

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