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Competition is also “to search for together”

as opposed to “killing each other over” a deal……


MTN Billing Letter – my response

So….Dear (un)valued MTN I will be voting with my feet this August. I will be porting from you to Vodacom…enough said

Incompetent sales staff will cost you success

Yours is the opportunity to talk to me and enlighten me on what your product and/or service can deliver. I am a willing purchaser when I arrive in your store, if you fail to convert me, you have only yourself to blame!

Budget Car Hire back-end failure

What I cannot understand is why the back-end needed me to lose my temper in order to get some action. It is no good having a great front end, if the back-end processes cannot support it?

The art of communication – Dialogue

I had to end the call I was laughing so much……

A3 wins out decision made

After careful thought and evaluation, I have purchased the Audi A3 Sportback.  I am absolutely blown away by the service I received from the dealer, Cape Town Audi and the salesman Marius Rossouw, and can honestly say that it was a great experience. Of course, the experience around the car is something else. It is very…

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AA and Merc show excellent customer Service

As you all know I believe that customer service is what separates good businesses from great businesses. I was told a story that I believe deserves some highlighting… As I understand it an old Merc (13 years old) encountered some trouble as far as the central locking went. The owner was not concerned and has lived with this issue for…

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Let’s get real…

As my style is very generalist and basically driven by experiences, I seldom keep themes or discussion going for a long time, call it boredom or whatever but that is just me. One thing that I consistent on is how we treat and respect one another. I have spoken about this topic often, but here…

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Customer is king but the shop assistants think NOT!

This post has been brewing for some time. I along with many millions of South Africa’s braved the shopping malls during the past festive season to spend some really hard earned cash. I was really astounding by the level of customer service that we received from the various shop assistants out there. By astounded let me…

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SAA Understands that travel can be stressful!!!

The picture was taken at OR International at the premier customer service area (Voyager and Star Alliance members). Clearly SAA understand that travelling can be stressful! – maybe they should be focused on making it not stressful?? Come Now SAA I am not sure that you can claim good customer service when you have signs…

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