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A wise sage counselled me once “How you close the doors in life is, often more important than how you open them”

Organisation change and trust a critical union……

We have all heard the saying along the lines of, “It is insanity to do the same thing time and again and expect a different result”


Change is required, how you undertake this is the measure of you……….

You cannot though make yourself a victim of the process, how you elect to deal with the change process is going to determine your future success…..

Consumer Protection Act: Creativity should not be confused with deception

Let me conclude by saying that being creative does not mean that you need to be deceptive and too many companies are still confusing the two……..

Toys R Us on how not to service your customer!

The upshot is that my kids received a valuable lesson on how not to do it……


Impact counts, but service retains the client……………

In all these two very recent incidences have left me even more convinced that it is not only the impact that counts, but the service the customer ultimately experiences that will ensure ongoing success……


Social Media is not a one way street

the point of Social Media and that is in fact SOCIAL…..


Strike Strike Strike who wins?

So it is my contention that a wage settlement above inflation in fact is more detrimental to the country as a whole


Competition is also “to search for together”

as opposed to “killing each other over” a deal……

My face twit linkedIn and the rest

Much time is spent in the corridors of business talking about the “social networking fad” that is Myspace, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and the like. The interesting thing about the discussions that happen in the corridors (brick and mortar that is) is that they are generally opposed to this “fad”. Whenever the debate is taken into the on-line arena then the discussion…

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