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SAPS bosses enjoy the finer things

It seems that the SAPS leadership has moved away from the left – far away!

Malema on Caster and the Government

Julius Malema “then jokingly called the government a sub-committee of the ANCYL

Julius on Tito

I just think that it crazy that this guy (Malema) can be allowed to continue unchecked

Crime Stats from SAPS

To end off… I have given the boys and girls in blue (and black and white) some flack for poor service and consideration of others around them, but I would like to say today that you need to keep up the work you are doing.

Another poor judgement call…

this amount of money could have bought 5 families and RDP house for life. Equally it could have fed 15 000 people a day for two months!


Julius Malema and his mouth once more….

“Your morality is not my morality” – Julius Malema

DA deserves potential sanction…..

What we need is the tough questions being asked and then reported back to the public and not the other way around…..

Mo Shaik to head NIA????

Could this be a case of jobs for pals?

Democracy reigns…

This post is a little late, but I have been waiting for the “right time”. On 11 December 2008 I put a post together that was entitled ANC will lose two-thirds majority. While many people agreed with me then, as we approached the day, many started to change their minds. I must say that I…

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Just voted…

I was reminded this morning what a privilege it is for us to vote. We – my wife and and I plus our children (too young to vote yet) had the added bonus of not having to wait in a massive queue. It was great to see our fellow South Africans coming out to vote,…

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