Print….how little has changed

I recently completed an assignment as the managing director for a business that was in business rescue.  If you are not familiar with this term, essentially it a process whereby a business, with some solid foundations which has found itself on hard times, is able to rebuild itself using some innovative legislative protection. This process brought me back…

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Not so juicy service – Mango

A couple of days ago, I was returning on a late flight from JHB to CPT.  In my haste to leave the plane and get home (long day and tired) I committed the ultimate rookie error.  I left my iPad mini in the seat pocket in front of me.  (I have flown many times and typically…

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Ground swell of change

There have been defining moments throughout history, in every culture, that have forever changed the balance of the country and indeed its citizens.  The eradication of apartheid, for example, forever changed the course of South Africa.  This change was critical and correct for the country, it was a crime to have apartheid in the first…

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Today is my birthday and yip I am 44. Aside from the obvious fact that I am getting older and hopefully a little wiser, birthdays present a great time to take stock. A reminder then Mike of where you are and what you have been blessed with:   Beautiful Wife – check Amazingly wonderful kids…

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Julius Malema the charismatic leader continues

So after the fiasco that was parliament yesterday, I thought I would repost a piece I wrote in 2011 regarding Julius Malema.  Clearly the ANC probably wishes that had dealt more swiftly with him back then, or do they?  Some of me feels that the antics of the EFF fall squarely into Jacob Zuma’s lap….

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The Wall….time to break it down!

This post is somewhat difficult for me as it requires me to acknowledge some shortcomings,  I am hopeful though that in this process I will take some further steps forward in my life journey. A little while ago I wrote a post about giving up something that had occupied my time and as a result I…

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Keep Calm and Listen

I am often told that I need to listen more and give space for others to have their say, words that in some situations can cut quite deeply. I reflect on these when I am by myself, listening to music or just meandering through my thoughts and wondering what drives me. Now….I have not had an…

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Respecting skills

I am always interested to meet people and find out about what they do, particularly their career choices.  I really enjoy finding out how they go about it and what made them make their respective career choice.  I also do this because I respect the skills and gifting that other people have and hope to…

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Game of War…..Gone

I made a decision yesterday and that was to quit a game, called Game of War, after being an active participant for a long time. I can see all of you right now saying “What its just a game – come on”. Indeed it is! This post though is perhaps more about time and priority…

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Offended or Hurt….that is the question

A couple of days back I put up the following Facebook status: I get the arguments about historical significance and reminders about where we have come from, but If even one person is genuinely hurting as a result of memorials, should there not be sufficient grace in us to let go of them. Nation building must…

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