The Running Commentary

My need to vent sometimes takes over

Game of War…..Gone

I made a decision yesterday and that was to quit a game, called Game of War, after being an active participant for a long time. I can see all of you right now saying “What its just a game – come on”. Indeed it is! This post though is perhaps more about time and priority…

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Offended or Hurt….that is the question

A couple of days back I put up the following Facebook status: I get the arguments about historical significance and reminders about where we have come from, but If even one person is genuinely hurting as a result of memorials, should there not be sufficient grace in us to let go of them. Nation building must…

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I broke it…..

So I have had to hit the “reset button” on my blog.  I recently, six month ago, attempted to migrate from one hosting provider to another and in that process managed to break my blog.  While I have a back-up of everything, it requires some skills that are beyond me at this point, to restore. So…

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